Used Office Cubicles

The original office cubicle dates back to the 1930s when Frank Llyod designed a layout for a leading national company. The underlying theme of this office layout was to create a spacious and creative office space. The idea of office cubicles picked pace again in the 2000s when small businesses embraced the idea of open offices.

Understanding our used office cubicles and office design company in Burlingame

The best-used office furniture in Burlingame reflects the company’s image and complements the overall atmosphere for overall productivity. We conduct plenty of discussion with our clients to understand how best you want your office and design cubicles that achieve the following:

  • Privacy
  • Minimal noise
  • Reduced visual distractions
  • Spacious and free office movements

We want you to understand the strategic ways that the best-used office furniture stores in Burlingame can put together an office cubicle, by first understanding the main benefits of buying used office cubicles and where to buy office cubicles.

Benefits of our used office cubicles


Most office furniture will get wear and tear after a couple of years. Many buyers cannot differentiate excellent or lousy furniture by simply looking at it, regretting their choice after only a couple of years. Used furniture is better because it has proven its reliability in maintaining a mint condition and will last you several more years with little or no repair services.


Used furniture is never the same price as a brand new alternative. Start-up firms save plenty of money buying these pieces, so they have better ways to channel the extra money into productive projects. Another way to look at this is that used office cubicles are more readily available for delivery; hence you can fire up your business fast and reduce downtime that will cost you a substantial earning.

Environmentally better

Used office furniture will either end up in a landfill or become resale pieces. Many businesses dispose of old furniture and do not think of the consequences it has on the environment. We sell used cubicles that are still in the best condition and look as good as new to allow you peace of mind as an environmentally conscious buyer.

How to choose our office cubicles

Companies with ample office space do not fit one stereotype of how they should set the office layout. You can get the partitioned cubicles or open space cubicles of any given number and design to match your office. Here are a few tips on how to pick the best cubicle:

  • Function – What are the need for the office cubicle? Look at the number of people who interact with one another for one task and whether they prefer face-to-face communication. The information will tell you which design will encourage productivity and how many cubicles you should buy and put together for efficient work productivity.

An example is that you can buy cubicles with a height that reduces visual distractions if your employees are interdependent instead of a dependant. This way, the employees will focus more on their work instead of interactions that reduce performance. Contact us online or via phone for more information on new and used office cubicles for sale in Burlingame.

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Used Office Cubicles

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