Washex is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to industrial washing equipment. The company offers a line of simple yet reliable and powerful washing machines that offer superior efficiency for commercial and industrial laundry. Brim Laundry Machinery is a proud supplier of top laundry equipment brands that commercial and industrial users trust.

Are you interested in a Washex washing machine but are not quite sure whether it’s right for you? There are many factors to consider. First, what will it be used for? Most industrial washing machines are sold to laundry shops but it is also used for hotels and other services. Estimate the volume of clothes or linen that need to be washed per day, or the number of hours you will need the washing machine for. It is important that you invest in a washing machine that can handle your demands. If you purchase a low-level washing machine and overload it, it will likely malfunction in a matter of days. Another thing you also have to figure out is the space you have available for the machine. The layout of a laundry area or shop can determine what types of washers you can install. If you are running a laundromat, you need to think about flow to ease congestion during busy hours.
If you are looking for Washex or other industrial laundry machines, contact Brim Laundry Machine Co., Inc. For over 30 years, our family has been committed to providing our customers the best equipment and services for laundry. We are even able to offer washing machine parts, technical support as well as layout design and rigging. For inquiries, you may reach Brim Laundry Machine Co., Inc. at (800) 527-5886.
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